Announcing our Shaklee Postcard RE-DESIGN WINNER! …and a chance to get your Design Critiqued for FREE!

Congratulations to our first CONTEST WINNER!

We helped Shaklee distributors like you by offering a FREE critique of one postcard, flyer or business card design…and to top it off, we randomly selected this design to RE-design for FREE!  


Denise Delorme Business Card Here’s what it did look like!

 What do you think of the changes we’ve made? Email us!

…and don’t forget to enter our new contest!

Details are below!



Denise Delorme Postcard RE-DESIGNCongratulations Denise Delorme! Here’s what she had to say:

“I love it!!! Love the layout! Will be using this for certain. Great Job!!
Thank you”

You are so very welcome Denise! We’re so happy you liked it!

Send us Your Shaklee Marketing Design & We’ll Critique it for FREE!

We’re so excited about our NEW Shaklee Marketing Blog that we thought we might show our followers like YOU our appreciation by critiquing one of your Shaklee Marketing Designs for FREE!

Dive In!So are you ready to dive in?

Email us your Flyer, Postcard or Business Card design today and we’ll critique it completely FREE of charge!

Enter to win August’s FREE Re-Design

That’s not all though!

On September 1st we’ll have another drawing for all designs submitted through August 31st and randomly select one design to RE-DESIGN for FREE!

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