Learn About Shaklee’s Fundraising Program and what It can do for your Customers!

The Shaklee® Nonprofit Fundraising Program is amazing all around! Just click here to find out about this amazing opportunity to help a nonprofit organization you love succeed!

Here’s a quick summary of how it works from the Shaklee Independent Distributor website:

Have you ever bought a product and seen various causes marketed right along side the brand name of a product?  Or bought a product because you knew that a portion of profits from that sale would benefit a cause you care about?  A recent study (the 2009 Global Edelman Goodpurpose™ Study) found that two out of three people say they would switch brands if another brand of similar quality supported a good cause.  People want their purchases to count towards making a difference.

We’re happy to announce that Shaklee has created a way to do just that.  A non-profit organization can “ride alongside” Shaklee in ways never before possible.

Here are just a few answers to questions you might have about Shaklee’s Fundraising Program:

Q. What is Shaklee Fundraising?
A. Shaklee Fundraising enables you to help a non-profit organization raise funds and awareness for their worthy cause by sponsoring them. Open to qualifying non-profit or tax-exempt organizations, Shaklee Fundraising allows the organization to raise money by operating their own Shaklee business.

Q. How is sponsoring through Shaklee Fundraising different from other methods of sponsoring?
A. When a non-profit organization joins Shaklee via the program, using the Non-Profit or Tax Exempt Application and Agreement, they can take advantage of the following unique benefits:

  • Option of joining without paying a Membership fee.
  • Eligibility to earn bonuses without having to fulfill the personal 100 PV/IPV requirement;
  • Status of a GOLD Ambassador, without having to pay the GOLD Ambassador fee. This includes the privilege of earning GOLD and Tru-Infinity bonuses, as well as the ability to sponsor internationally.
  • A special Personal Web Site template to market their Shaklee business at no cost.

Q. Can a Non-Profit Distributor earn a bonus?

A. Yes, a Non-Profit Distributor can earn bonuses in exactly the same way as any other Shaklee Distributor. The only difference is that they are not required to do the 100 personal PV/IPV to qualify.

One response to “Learn About Shaklee’s Fundraising Program and what It can do for your Customers!

  1. This is such great information – there are so many sports teams and organizations that are looking for an effective fundraiser – especially one that is perpetual! The cards are beautiful!

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