Consistency is Key! Are you using your Shaklee E-Mail Campaigns to get in touch with your customers?

Did you know Shaklee provides FREE e-mail campaigns just for Independent Distributors like you?

The best part is that not only does Shaklee provide FREE e-mail campaigns, but it’s also a fantastic way to let your customers know all about Shaklee products.

…and don’t forget consistency is KEY. Sending frequent emails is always a great way to reach your customers. Decide how often is best for you and your growing business. It’s usually a good idea to send at least one e-mail a week, but two is even better. You want to make sure to stay in touch with your customers so they remember you’ve got a ton of great products to offer!

Here are the simple steps to start sending e-mails to your customers today:

Log on! Go to and enter your User Name and Password. After you hit Login you’ll be directed to your My Shaklee Dashboard where you can see various tabs with all of your different options.

Build your Campaign! Roll your cursor over “My Business” and select “Build a Campaign”. This will start you off on a quick and fun way to market your Shaklee business! On this screen you’ll give your Campaign a name and description.

Add some E-Mails! Next add some e-mails to your e-mail list. It’s always a good idea to add your own e-mail address first so you make sure your e-mails always go through and so you can spot any problems. Make sure to separate your e-mails by commas!

Select a Template! Click on the “Shaklee Email Templates” tab for an exciting list of tons of different premade templates you can use! The best part about it is these e-mails are already done for you- all you have to do is select them and then schedule when you’d like them to be sent out.

Here’s a list of just a few e-mails you can send out in minutes:

  • Babies Care
  • Cholesterol Reduction
  • Fiber Advantage
  • Member Referral Plan
  • Sport Nutrition

Don’t forget though, that you can always create a custom e-mail template as well!

Choose a Send Date for your Email! Once you’ve saved your email all you have left to do enter a date you’d like your e-mail to be sent out! It’s that easy!

Share your email marketing experiences with other Shaklee Independent Distributors here! We’re love to hear what did (and didn’t) work for you.

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