Effective Tradeshow Marketing Tips

Do you have a booth at a Trade Show this summer? Trade shows are a great way to bump up your lead list. You can make the most of your experience by doing just a few simple things to sell product and get leads for future sales.

  • Capture them! Email addresses and phone numbers are your most important asset.  Add leads by providing a sign up list. This doesn’t have to be fancy. You can simply provide a spiral bound notebook. Add a few names and emails at the top to get the ball rolling or create a form in Word with heading for name, email and phone. To ensure you are getting lots of sign-ups, create a coupon with a free item or discount with purchase.
  • Get Clean! Make sure your booth or table is neat and tidy. Group similar products together in attractive displays.
  • Market! You won’t be able to talk to everyone, so make sure you have flyers out on the table available.
  • Remember, DON’T SELL! Find out what your customer wants. Do they want to spend more time with their family, pay down a loan or maybe just get healthy? Asking the right questions, leads to the kind of help you can give them without selling.
  • Samples are always a great way to solidify a customer. Samples cost money, so create an offer for free samples with purchase made on the day of trade show

Share your trade show experiences with other Shaklee Independent Distributors here! We’re love to hear what did (and didn’t) work for you.

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