Do This! Grow Your Business.

Ramp up your sales with follow up.
One of the most effective ways in getting more business is following up with the prospect. Sadly, 80% of sales opportunities are missed because people do not follow up consistently. Studies have shown that most prospects, who do not buy short-term, usually make a purchase within 12 months. When they make the purchase, it’s going to be with the person who stays in touch with them on a consistent basis. Prospects do business with people they know, trust, and who understand their needs. It’s so easy to double your sales if you JUST follow up!
This tidbit is from Rochelle Togo-Figa who is speaking at an upcoming eWomen Network Success Institute tele-seminar. I will be attending and will share more of her insights. You can join eWomen Network at
To your success….Mo

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